mission and vision

Animals Lebanon works to protect animals through legislation, education, campaigns and rescue.


Animals Lebanon believes that our treatment of animals is a reflection of how we treat ourselves and each other.  We believe that the welfare of all animals matters, and are committed to bringing about a time when these beliefs are embraced by society and Lebanon is recognized as a leader in animal welfare.


  • We have closed down three of the most dilapidated and abusive zoos, rehoming over one hundred animals to sanctuaries around the world.
  • Our work exposing circus cruelty led to the closing of a circus and the passing of new regulations in Egypt requiring all animals to be microchipped, that animals used in circuses can only be transported by air, and the use of lion cubs is banned.
  • We have established an adoption center for rescued companion animals, enabling us to rehome over 700 cats and dogs.
  • We have investigated the smuggling of endangered animals into and through Lebanon, and are campaigning to ensure Lebanon joins the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.
  • We are working with the World Animal Health Organization and the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture to draft and enact national animal welfare legislation.