Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Animals Lebanon turns 14!

Animals Lebanon Turns 14!

Since Animals Lebanon was founded in 2008, we have fought for animals every day. We overcame hardships to make improvements in a country where change is incredibly difficult.

Together we did it! We made major changes for animals nationwide, & Animals Lebanon is here to stay. It has been 14 years of ups & downs, success & struggles, tearful emotions & happy endings.

  • We drafted the national Animal Protection & Welfare law, & lobbied to have it signed into effect in 2017, protecting all animals now & for future.
  • We launched a 3-year campaign to have Lebanon join CITES, an international convention protecting endangered species.
  • We inspire, our volunteers & staff have gone on to become veterinarians, or start their own organizations to help the animal issues they are most passionate about.
  • We fought court cases, establishing for the first time legal rights & interests for animals.
  • We help in over 16,000 community support requests every year for assistance with cats & dogs.
  • We close substandards zoos, sending rescued chimpanzees, bears, lions, & many other wild animals to sanctuaries around the world.
  • We have rescued over 5,000 cats and dogs from starvation, abuse, neglect, & injury, getting them healthy & into loving homes.
  • We combat wildlife traficking, stopping animals as they are being smuggled through the airport, or confiscating them from pet shops or private collections.
  • We educate children, & believe that the younger generation has incredible potential to help animals.
  • We were on the ground immediately after the devastating Beitur Explosion. In the days & weeks after the explosion, volunteers searched building by building, reuniting more than 100 lost pets, & distributed tons of food & free veterinary care for families that lost their homes.
  • We are changing the culture when it comes to animals, making animal welfare an established movement, & caring about animals an expectation.

Even at our most difficult times in Lebanon & more challenges to overcome, we will remain here helping the animals that need us!

THANK YOU for 14 amazing years!
Animals Lebanon is a drive for change and we will keep going,

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