The Law

Law Extract

Article 2: Purpose of the Law:
The purpose of this law is to ensure the protection and welfare of live animals and regulate establishments which handle or use such animals, in compliance with the related international conventions and regulations, especially CITES and OIE.

Animal: A multicellular organism of the Kingdom Animalia including all mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

The current version of the law is the result of collaboration between Animals Lebanon and the Ministry of Agriculture. The World Organization for Animal Health, the Convention on International Trade In Endangered Species, the European Commission TAIEX, international animal welfare organizations and experts, as well as so many organizations, officials and individuals in Lebanon also contributed to the campaign and the text of the law.

11 Chapters and 30 Articles lay out the definitions, purpose, requirements for establishments, general conditions for anyone handling animals, specific requirements for different types of establishments, and sanctions and penalties. The law is specific but flexible enough to be effective as our understanding of animal welfare improves and the conditions for animals in Lebanon changes.

Download the full text of the law in English and Arabic.

Download the Minister of Agricultures justification when submitting the law to the Council of Ministers.

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