Thursday, September 17, 2020

From the verge of death to complete recovery!

Simba ran out of his house on the day of the explosion. Before he could be found he was sadly hit by a car. We received a photo of Simba laying injured & unmoving on the side of the road.

Animals Lebanon team immediately went to his rescue. He was in so much pain, one of his eyes had popped out completely, & we rushed Simba to the vet.

Simbas exam showed he also had internal injuries. His first few nights were extremely critical as he was not eating & barely moving. We all worried he wouldn’t make it but never stopped hoping & trying. His surgery was successful and he is now back to full health!

When we posted his story on our live feed his guardians recognized him & contacted us! They told us his name was Simba & they were grateful he is safe but sadly unable to take him back.

Simba is getting better day by day & now even joins some of the daily staff meetings we have at the center.

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