What We Achieve

Thank you for everything you have helped Animals Lebanon achieve.

Animals Lebanon improves the welfare of animals through comprehensive national animal protection and welfare legislation. To support this campaign we provide nationwide public assistance for companion animals while rescuing and improving the conditions of captive endangered wildlife.

We aim to:

  • Enact and enforce comprehensive national animal protection and welfare legislation
  • Increase Lebanon's compliance with the regulations of the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
  • Encourage and enable civil society to make improvements for animal welfare

We currently:

  • Campaign for the enactment of the national law for animal protection and welfare
  • Provide nationwide assistance for companion animals, acting on more than 7,000 reports per year of companion animals in need
  • Work to close down substandard zoos and private animal collections
  • Rescue and care for companion animals and endangered wildlife
  • Encourage protection for endangered species and see Lebanon fully implement CITES

Our biggest achievements:

  • Launched the campaign to enact national animal protection and welfare legislation, this law has now been approved by the Council of Ministers
  • Successfully campaigned to have Lebanon join CITES. Lebanon became the 178th party to the convention and it came into force on May 26, 2013.
  • Established a model shelter for companion animals while providing nationwide assistance for cats and dogs in need
  • Closed three of the abusive and dilapidated zoos, rehoming over 100 animals, many of them critically endangered
  • Work with sanctuaries worldwide to rehome endangered exotic pets including chimpanzees, bears, hyenas, tigers and lions
  • Represent Lebanon at conferences of the OIE, CITES and European Commission, and chosen by the OIE to help draft the regional animal welfare strategy
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