Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Apple - Before and After

Apple was first discovered tied to a pole by a short metal wire at the back of the LBC parking lot.

She was standing under a storm with no protection from the rain.

Her body was shockingly emaciated, with her rib cage in full view protruding strongly from her hanging skin. It looked like she was on a slow and painful path to starvation.

Her eyes spoke strongly of the pain she was in, between fractured bones, rotting teeth, worms in her stomach and a variety of illnesses that had arisen due to pure neglect.
The lady who discovered Apple immediately called Animals Lebanon for help, and sent over pictures.  It was heart-breaking to see such a majestic and powerful animal treated with utter disregard and left to suffer so callously.

Immediately, Animals Lebanon met with the owner of the horse and showed him the pictures we had compiled. The owner denied any wrong-doing and pretended to be in shock as well. He turned out to be the owner of a reputable sports club and offered his cooperation lest his clients learn of Apple?s story.

While we engaged in a tough process of negotiation with Apple?s owner, the kind and determined lady who discovered Apple went to visit her daily, feeding her, and nurturing her with love and care. She never gave up on Apple.

Finally, the owner agreed to move Apple out of the desolate parking lot and into a local stable where she would be properly cared for.

The stable?s vet immediately tended to Apple?s wounds and began the long process of getting her back in shape. The stable?s staff are all in love with her and giving her the proper care and pampering she has been denied for so long.

Unfortunately there are no laws in Lebanon to protect animals from abuse.

Our biggest project is to create these laws.

However, until they are enacted, a pure heart, determination, and a refusal to accept anything less than the animal?s well-being, make rescue stories such as this possible.

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