Last Chance For Big Cats

The Problem

Lions, tigers, cheetahs and other big cats are being trafficked into Lebanon or bred in zoos for the black market. They are sold for $10,000 or more with no concern for their welfare. These animals are torn from their mothers to be locked in private zoos, forced to perform in circuses, used for entertainment, and kept as exotic pets or status symbols. Without specialized care and housing these endangered species suffer greatly and many die painfully early...

The Solution

In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture we are working to -

1. Ban the keeping of big cats
Issue decree prohibiting the keeping of big cat species listed on Appendix I and II of CITES, including lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars, and any hybrid combination any of these species that results from breeding, with the exception of registered zoos and rescue centers, and any animals not in these registered facilities should be sent to approved sanctuaries within two months.

2. Ensure zoos meet minimum standards or are closed
Regulate zoos through existing laws and decrees; inspect the overall conditions of the zoo, welfare of animals, and records of all animals, and specify necessary improvements and time-frame to meet minimum standards or be closed temporarily or permanently.

3. Confiscate big cats in poor conditions
Confiscate all big cats not in registered zoos and rescue centers, and any big cats in registered zoos that are in a poor state of welfare, so they can be moved to recognized sanctuaries.

What You Can Do

1. Report big cats
Do you know of a big cat in Lebanon? Have you seen one in a pet shop, posted on social media, at a zoo or circus or in someones home? Email us now on so no big cat gets forgotten.

2. Tell the Ministry you care
Email or call the Ministry of Agriculture to say big cats are important to you and want the Ministry to protect these animals,

3. Do not visit
Do not visit zoos or circuses that fail to meet these requirements, and tell your friends, family, classmate and coworkers not to visit.

4. Share the campaign
Download graphics for social media and share the video!

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