Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bucky, Basil and Kia

Three different backgrounds, brought together by difficult circumstances, and ending up in the same bed.

Bucky was stuck in one of Beirut's traffic tunnels, terrified, pressed against the wall and watching the cars zoom by.

Such cases are some of the most difficult, as the rescue team have to ensure the kitten is caught on the first try or  he might panic and run in front of the cars.

Two members of the rescue team had to walk the length of the tunnel until they reached Bucky. One stayed in front of him with the cage and the other member crossed the other side and back to come at the kitten from behind.

She caught him on the first try and instantly put him in the cage, suffering a bite to her arm.

Basil was following people on the streets in the stormy weather, begging for food and with an eye injury.

A member of the rescue team went to the location and was able to trap him in a few minutes and bring him to safety and for medical treatment .

Kia was stuck in a garage depot for a few days. People on site contacted Animals Lebanon to help remove her, as the kitten was fearful of people and kept hiding whenever someone approached.

Members of the team arrived with a trapping cage, intending to leave it overnight. However, after the cage was set, it didn?t take long for Kia to be enter. She was taken to a safe and warm location.

All three kittens experienced harsh situations. All were in danger of some sort, and, luckily, all were rescued and whisked to safety.

They went from being alone on the streets to being together and finding comfort in one another and are now slowly but surely finding comfort in the arms of those who care for them.

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Grey & white: Bucky - Creamy color: Basil


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