Wednesday, December 1, 2010

His faith kept him alive

A panicked woman entered the clinic of our vet. She came to report a dog she had seen hiding under a car for nearly a week, and she was concerned for the dogs health as she was sure he had been without food or water for nearly a week.

Lana, the President of Animals Lebanon, tried to calm and reassure the woman, assuming it was like so many cases we have dealt with before. She finally found the dog in the location the woman explained, and got down on the ground to peer under the car.

More than half an hour passed as Lana tried coaxing the dog. As Lana got up to call a vet for help, the dog finally crawled enough to allow Lana to hold him.

?These are the kinds of things we see on Animal Planet, I never imagined I would be pulling out a dog that looks even worse,? thought Lana. Wrapped around his neck was not just a collar, but also a rope and a circle of wire. This had all become so tight and entangled that it cut deeply into the skin around the dogs neck. Lana named the dog Faith as she quickly drove him to the vet clinic. As they entered the vets office, the room began to stink terribly from the infected skin. He was severely dehydrated and had a fever of 41.

The vet sedated Faith, giving fluids and painkillers, and prepared to remove the collar and wire. We will never know if this was done deliberately or if this was an accident, but the collar and wire had completely cut into the skin around her neck. As the vet cut through the hair, he saw that in one area the skin had even begun to grow over the wire. An hour later and the entire ?noose? slowly strangling faith had been removed. His skin was badly infected, and he was left with a five centimeter wound around his entire neck.

When he woke up from the surgery Faith seemed happy to be in a calm place, and we are sure he was relieved to finally have his neck free. As soon as Faith recovers he will be ready for adoption, and he has already shown what a sweet and trusting dog he will be. Will you be the one who changes his life?

Faith is facing at least a month of veterinary treatment. Donate now and help give Faith the best treatment and care possible. Everyone can see how much he has suffered, your support now will relieve this suffering and turn Faith into one of the most loving companions.

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