Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gotta Identify Them All!


We have teamed up with to stop animal abuse.

One of the main complaints we receive is about pet shops. Everyone can agree the conditions are terrible and animals are suffering.

This app allows everyone to join in to identify pet shops and so much more. Zoos, rescue centers, veterinary clinics - any place that uses or keeps animals - can be uploaded to the map quickly. If you see a facility, take a picture and click upload. This is the easiest way to help the animals kept in these places.


Despite a recent decree requiring pet shops and other facilities to register with the government, the vast majority simply have not done it.

All of these locations will be turned over to the Ministry of Agriculture and given a choice. Register and meet the standards - or be closed down.

How to get started:

1 - Download Tahaki Crowdsource App

2 - Create an account.

3 - Join Animals Lebanon project.



For Iphone

For Android

Need help? Give us a call or email and we can help you get started and make sure every facility is found.

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