Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Help send family of baboons to a sanctuary

We need your help now to get a family of seven baboons out of a substandard zoo and into a sanctuary.

After the very successful rescue of the chimpanzee Omega, we are continuing to identify homes for the last remaining animals until this zoo is empty.

These endangered Hamadryas baboons, two males and five females, have lived together for years in the zoo in southern Lebanon.  Four of them were born there and have known nothing other than the small enclosure they share.

Omega was freed from similar conditions and is now enjoying life at the sanctuary in Brazil.  You can help give these baboons the same opportunity.

The Princess Ali Foundation in Jordan has offered to care for these seven in their 'New Hope' rescue center.  Here this family of baboons can get the care that they have never had, instead of digging through the garbage in their enclosure to find food.

Baboons and other primates have been smuggled into Lebanon and sold as pets.  This almost always ends badly, and we have been contacted in the last months about a monkey that was electrocuted, another which the owner admitted to beating, and yet another on the loose in the suburbs of Beirut.

The Ministry of Agriculture has now issued a new directive stating that the import of primates must be done following the regulations of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species which should help stop these animals from showing up in shops throughout Lebanon.

The New Hope facility has allowed the Princess Alia Foundation to rescue bears, tigers, lions, and even other Hamadryas baboons, and now they are ready to accept this family.  Permits, specialized crates and veterinary care all being arranged to ensure they can move as quickly and safely as possible.

Please, donate now to help send these baboons to New Hope and finally see the zoo empty of animals.  You can help them escape the misery of the zoo and give them the chance to live a more natural life.

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