Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inspirational dinner

As Lebanon embarks into this historic era of peace, a great space is opening for the movements that develop a nation and make it a progressive one.  We are on the verge of democratic elections, road safety regulations are coming into place to protect citizens, and now, more than ever, civil society is engaged in healthy discourse.

So many great thinkers have said that the civility of a country can be measured by how its people treat its animals.  In the midst of Lebanon?s progress, unfortunately the respect for animals is terribly lacking.  As Lebanon grows and improves, Animals Lebanon is here to make sure the issue of animal welfare can and will grow with it.

It is in this spirit that on April 22nd, AL supporters May and Faysal El-Khalil held an inspirational dinner at their home where active members of Lebanese civil society were invited to get to know more about Animals Lebanon and our activities.

Since its inception, Animals Lebanon has been hard at work performing rescues, working on closing down a zoo, completely redoing our shelter, promoting adoptions and TNR, and building the vision of the first animal welfare headquarters in Lebanon.  In the midst of all the hard work, it is important to take a small breather and connect once again with the people who can play a vital role through their much needed support.

The empowering evening started with Animals Lebanon delivering a moving presentation highlighting animal abuse, the lack of constitutional protection, and what AL is doing to turn the tide.  The presentation was followed by a dialogue between AL and the guests where strategy, sustainability, and solutions were openly discussed.

Over a fabulous vegetarian meal, AL members had the wonderful opportunity to get to receive the insight, council, and advice as well as share our projects in more depth.  The night was a dynamic mix of great people who believe in the necessity of animal welfare and we are confident that a seed was planted that will certainly grow into positive support.

A big thank you to May and Faysal El-Khalil for hosting this dinner and to all our guests who are now a part of our growing movement for a better Lebanon, one animal at a time! 

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