Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lilo and her underground puppies

Animals Lebanon received a distressed email from Vicky, a girl who knew of a family of dogs in danger of being poisoned.

Their only fault it seemed was to have been born in the first place.

Lilo, the mother of the litter was being fed by Vicky and her sister, two animal lovers living in the area.
But dogs are not welcomed in Vicky's neighborhood.
We identified a safe location for the family, as the puppies were young and cannot be mixed with others until they receive vaccination.

One of our volunteers agreed to foster them and prepare a very nice room for them with access to a fenced garden area.
Once all set, our team headed to meet Vicky and start the rescue.

As usual, we went prepared for all surprises. Fortunately in this case, Lilo sensed our good intentions and was fully cooperative with the rescue. She had hidden the puppies in a hole underground to keep them safe.

Remarkably, Lilo actually guided our team to the location of her puppies. She was happy with wagging tail, trusting us all the way.
With the whole family loaded safely in the car, our team went straight to the vet for checkups and a good clean-up, with a healthy dose of vitamins for Lilo who was very under-weight.
Lilo and her puppies now have a fresh and safe start, getting medical attention and proper puppy food to give them a healthy start.

If you are interested in opening your home and adopting any of these wonderful young puppies, please get in touch.

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