Monday, December 13, 2010

Little Moyeby

I passed this road hundreds of times and never noticed it. It was by chance I glimpsed the faded signboard for the 'animal park' and decided to check it out.

As I entered I was taken aback by the pungent smells of rotting food, filthy animals, and feces.

As I continued to wander, I came across some chickens eating ' I was surprised to see them with food given that the other animals had nothing. But as I got closer I noticed a tiny kitten stretched on the ground in agony while a rooster pecked at him trying to eat him alive. At this point I could no longer contain myself ' I opened the cage, grabbed the lifeless kitten, and ran out of this horrific prison with tears running uncontrollably down my face.

As I drove to the vet, the kitten was breathing heavily with its mouth open. He was completely dehydrated and his body was not more than a skeletal frame.

When I finally arrived to the vet, he was miraculously still alive. We put him on an IV and began feeding him tiny pieces of food every half hour. He's been with Animals Lebanon for a month and with consistent warmth, good nutrition, and lots of love, he made it.

Moyebi is full of gratitude - he purrs the moment you put him in your arms.  Despite everything he has been through, he still struggles to cuddle with everyone who comes near.

When I look at Moyebi I think of all the other animals we have rescued.  It is cats just like Moyebi that give us hope and determination to go on.

The pictures show him in three stages ' while being driven to the vet as soon as we rescued him, being checked by the vet, and now after his treatment as a playful kitten.  Now little Moyebi is the beautiful star of our holiday cards.

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