Thursday, March 17, 2022

26 rescued cats and dogs get a new home thanks to you!

14 special cats are ready to be flown to their new homes in the US.

As the situation in Lebanon keeps getting worse – deteriorated economic situation, devaluation of currency, difficulty finding medication, people abandoning their pets – these special needs cats each finally have a chance to be in a caring home.

Thanks to you and these amazing associations – @tabbysplace @lambertvilleanimalwelfare  @catsburypark - these cats finally have the opportunity they need.

  • Nina was dumped in a box going in circles and dehydrated. She was diagnosed with epilepsy and needs continuous medical care.
  • Kozmo was rescued as a kitten in severe condition and suffers from a prolapsed rectum.
  • Keto is a very special kitten found with Cerebellar Hypoplasia needing lots of care for a quality life.
  • Hippy was rescued after suffering hip injury from the Beirut explosion in 2020 and continues to suffer from gum infections.
  • Wonder was hit by car while pregnant, lost her babies & injured her back legs, and is blind.
  • Opie was found as a kitten dragging himself and was diagnosed with paralysis.
  • Freddy was hit by car & suffered for weeks with an infected front paw that needed amputation.
  • Polly was born blind on the street and rescued in the nick of time.
  • Blue was an adorable survivor kitten, he miraculously survived panleukopenia but still suffers from lasting effects.
  • Ringo was rescued with injury from the Beirut explosion in 2020 and luckily healed well.
  • Neo was rescued as an orphan kitten with severely infected eye.
  • Amie was dumped in a box next to garbage when only a week old and uffers from hip dysplasia.
  • Kiera is a victim of abandonment, found on the street helpless and following people.
  • Charlie was found with her sibling as orphan kittens barely a month old.


12 lucky dogs will soon be on their way to Canada.

  • Moose’s mom was shot and killed. He was bottle fed, then adopted, but sadly returned as his guardians could not take him with them when they left the country
  • Chance was abused on the street
  • Cisio was found in extremely bad shape after being abandoned
  • Hatchie was hit by a car and had to undergo surgery for a broken leg
  • June was found running in panic in between cars in the middle of the highway with blood on his face and turned out to be deaf
  • Chippers was abandoned on the street and found shaking in fear
  • Stella was abandoned in the mountain & found under extreme weather conditions
  • Rain was found shaking in fear on the side of the airport highway not allowing anyone to come near her
  • Grace was found as a tiny puppy with a chain heavier than her
  • Teddy was found hiding under a car in terror with a huge wound under his neck
  • Everest was found with an injured leg after being abandoned to fend for herself

These dogs have gone through a lot and it’s time they get their happily ever after. Thanks to @marwahussein84 who is working round the clock to ensure happy endings.


All 26 of these cats and dogs have a sad story and suffered.

You can make sure they get into forever homes.

Donate now to sponsor one of these amazing cats and dogs.

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