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Family of dogs set on fire, surviving puppy and mom

Dogs burned alive, two extreme cruelty cases two weeks!
Mother and one puppy survived – now with Animals Lebanon

On 14 May a video emerged of a tiny puppy. The puppy was frantically running in circles, engulfed in flames.

The person who burned him made sure to show this cruelty was intentional. He brings up a bottle of accelerant in clear view of the camera and plays music titled ‘Chill’ in the background.

It is evident the puppy is suffering tremendously as he yelps in fear and pain while desperately running. There was no way he could survive.

Governor of Baalbek, Mr. Bachir Khodor, acted quickly and the teenager who burned the puppy was brought in for investigation and later arrested.

The Animal Protection and Welfare law completely forbids any action that causes unnecessary, pain, suffer, distress, or death.

Video of the helpless puppy on fire is too graphic, we chose not to share.

Yesterday, 23 May, another video emerged.

A small room beside a house in flames where children are heard shouting ‘Look at the dogs! Do you see them? Ya haram, they are burning!’ The context of the video is unclear but police reports states a child caused this terrible act.

Baalback shelter volunteers rushed to the scene yesterday to remove the surviving puppy with his mom and took him to a local vet.

Donate now to help give these two survivors immediate veterinary care.

Again, Governor of Baalbek filed a complaint against this horrific abuse. According to his office, and The General Prosecutor, the child and his father were called in for investigation in the presence of Juvenile court representative. We will share more as the case progresses.

Animals Lebanon is communicating with the Minister of Agriculture advisor as well as Governor of Baalbeck office. They reassured they would follow up closely and implement the animal welfare law

Our team headed early this morning to Baaleck to get the surviving puppy and her mother. Mom is in total shock for losing her five pups and being burned herself. The surviving puppy has half of her face affected by the fire.

We got them to the vet clinic in Beirut only minutes ago. The puppy’s right paw is burned and broken. The right side of his jaw and face are completely burned with some patches on the other side. The 500 grams puppy will have to stay with her mom and take a course of antibiotics and creams for the wound. She is most likely blind. Our team is trying to comfort them and give them lost of love and care.

It will be months before this puppy and his mother have healed and ready for a new home. Every day we are sickened by the abuse and cruelty. But every day we are given hope and determination by the people who care and are ready to help animals.

If you want to contribute to the medical care of these two dogs, please go to

We thank the officials involved including the Governor of Baalbeck, the general prosecutor, and the Ministry of Agriculture.

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