Monday, June 24, 2024

Help lion cub Freya get home!

Meet Freya - she is the fourth lion cub we have rescued in six months.

Freya came to Animals Lebanon less than two months ago.

She was shy and scared at first. It took her two weeks to be comfortable and trust us. Now she has changed and is playful and curious – and has grown to nearly 40 kilograms.

We have an opportunity to get her to the Drakenstein Lion sanctuary in South Africa, home to some of the other lions we have rescued since 2011. All of the permits have been issued and her flight is scheduled.

When lions are born in captivity it is nearly impossible to introduce them to the wild. A permanent sanctuary is the best option, offering specialized care in large natural enclosures. Often it can be their first time outside, or on grass, or even in sunlight.

It can be challenging to form pairs or families of rescued lions. Young lions are usually much easier to accept each other. Positive interactions through or across the fence are promising signs of a successful future introduction.

Earlier this year we rescued another lion cub named Pi. In April Pi was moved to the same sanctuary, first into a quarantine enclosure, and then into a larger enclosure.

Pi and Freya are the same age – and may be brother and sister! We are so excited for both of them and how they will react to each other.

Freya will be in an enclosure next to Pi. Once she is settled and comfortable with her new home she and Pi will be introduced and hopefully be lifetime companions.

Stay tuned for updates on Freya's journey starting next week.


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