Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Puppy shot in the face refuse to give up on life!

This is by far one of the most horrific cases" said the vet! <> Why shoot an innocent animal in the face, a helpless puppy?!!

Tina Lawandos, a university student and Animals Lebanon volunteer, hurried Fluke to the vet — but she didn’t get good news.

The first vet thought the puppy was too injured to survive and recommended euthanasia. When a second vet examined Fluke, he suggested the same thing. But a third vet gave a different reply — he said that Fluke might have a chance. He said, ‘Let’s do the surgery and make sure he is pain-free with good medications,

The vet performed a very sophisticated surgery, which took five hours and cost us a fortune.

Fluke pulled through the surgery, although he had to stay at the vet clinic for a while to recover. To help his injuries heal, the vet team inserted a feeding tube so he didn’t have to move his mouth to eat.

A week later, Fluke was well enough to go into foster care. He started to feel better about three weeks after surgery. He started gaining weight and showing a more natural behavior and interacting with the other dogs at the foster home.

 As time went on, Fluke got better and better. His face wound healed up nicely, although he’s missing most of his nose and can’t contain his sneezes. But Fluke’s spirits remained high. Once healed, Fluke was flown to the US. He had two more constructive surgeries to his face and is now living happily ever after with his adopters.

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