Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Shot and used in Fights! This helpless dog tried to hide in a building entrance.

His posture indicates that he just wanted to be done with life and be gone. Can you imagine what he went through?  

Luckily kind people saw him and contacted us. Our team was shocked to see his condition and immediately took him to the vet. The vet had to sedate him to be able to completely clean the entire area. To our surprise, the poor dog, not only has been shot but also bitten all over, possibly by multiple animals.

We don't know if he was used as bait for a fight or it is a natural incident.

We named him ODIN. The vet cleaned his wounds, but the dog is in excruciating pain as it is all over his body. He is currently on heavy pain killers and antibiotics. This is one of the most difficult cases we received as he needs daily wound cleaning and the pain is too much to handle.

Our heart is torn to pieces hearing his cries. He has lost all trust in people and all he wants to do is sit on his bed and ignore everything else. Our team is also working on gaining his trust again and getting him to eat. ODIN's treatment cost is going to be very high as he needs daily hospitalization and the use of many imported drugs.

This past week, we rescued so many severe cases that make you wonder where our humanity has gone.

But we can NOT lose HOPE, there are still good people out there who want to have a better world. YOU, our supporters, have never let us down and continue to help the helpless.

YOU are our BACKBONE and their LIFELINE. Our team is working day and night to help as many rescue cases as possible, but it is becoming more and more difficult with time. With the deteriorating economic conditions, coronavirus consequences, renewed protests, limited manpower, devaluation of Lira and bank limits we are struggling to survive and help those that need it.

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