Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Shot dog rescued

Sandy was hit by a car in Saida and was left on the side to suffer. Holding on to her life, brave Sandy dragged herself to safety near a shop where she laid painfully with a bleeding wound.

Our team rushed to the scene and immediately tried to comfort her and move Sandy safely into the transport crate.

After emergency care to stop the bleeding, x-rays and further checks left no choice. Her leg must be amputated.

The three-legged sweetheart is currently recovering from her trauma and learning how to walk again at a loving foster home.

Donate now to help Sandy and other dogs in need! 

Sadly - and needlessly - homeless dogs are often poisoned or shot.  This is done by private citizens and municipalities.

Just like Sandy, they suffer greatly from this, and many die. We are working to stop this!

The national animal protection and welfare law, approved by the Ministers and now in Parliament for final vote, would ban the shooting and poisoning of dogs. Article 12 defines the humane ways homeless dogs can be managed and ways to prevent more dogs from ending up on the streets.

Find out more and read the entire law.


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