Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vaccination can protect livelihoods

Animal welfare does not just affect animals. It directly affects the people who care about and depend on animals.

When animals suffer, people suffer. With the war in Syria has come a breakdown in the veterinary services and millions of refugees fleeing the country - often with their livestock.

Unvaccinated and often sick cows, sheep and goats cross the border with refugees.

Risk of disease outbreak is a growing threat in Lebanon but an ongoing project aims to prevent this.

The keeping of livestock is important to the rural economy. When the animals suffer, the owners of these animals suffer, and so to do the consumers of the milk and meat. When the welfare of these animals in ensured, they can help generate income and relieve poverty.

The animal protection and welfare law, approved by all Ministers and now at Parliament for final vote, can help better prepare for these situations. 

There are specific provisions for animals during disasters, requirements for vaccination.

The law has moved quickly through the government whenever the political situation allowed.

We are now at the last step and trust that when Parliament starts passing laws - this will be one of the first.

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