Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wallace is a fighter.

He is a big heart in a small, scruffy body.
He is a dog who has suffered a traumatic series of events, but survived them through pure will and determination to live.

It begins on a rainy Lebanon winter evening as Elias, an Animals Lebanon supporter, was driving home from work on a rainy Lebanon winter evening.  He noticed something rummaging through a pile of garbage at the side of the road and at a closer glance noticed a small dog, limping, and tangled in plastic.

Elias quickly pulled over to see what he could do.  The dog looked like it had come from a home and was lost, disoriented, and in pain.  Without hesitation, Elias freed him from the plastic and covered the shivering dog in a cloth.  He decided to call him Wallace.

Elias started driving around looking for Wallace?s owner, and after two days of searching, Elias was finally able to locate her.  He was horrified at what the woman had to say.

She told Elias that Wallace had fallen from the roof of her home a week ago.  She found him paralyzed on the ground, with blood trickling out of his mouth.  Deciding that he wouldn?t survive the fall, she threw him in a plastic bag and dumped him, alive and suffering, in the roadside trash.

She had no reaction when she saw him alive in Elias? arms, and with indifference told him she had no use for Wallace any longer.

We are unsure how long Wallace was unconscious or when he was first dumped in the trash.  We don?t know how he mustered up the energy to tear himself out of the plastic bag, nor how he coped under the rain with so many wounds and fractures until he was found. All we are sure of is that he must have put on a very courageous fight to have made it this far.

Wallace is now being treated for multiple hip fractures, broken ribs, and trauma to his head.  We believe he will recover fast because he has already proven to be a strong and brave dog.

The question that remains is, after all the struggle, will Wallace get the chance of a warm and loving home that he so deserves?

Wallace is a fighter. He went against all odds to be alive today.

He has done his part ? it is now time for us to do ours.

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