Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wolf saved after being captured and offered for sale!

This wolf was captured outside of Byblos. The snare tightening around him, he tore up his legs trying to pull free.

The people who captured him put horrific videos and pictures of the wolf on social media, then were trying to sell him for $4,000.

The Ministry of Agriculture posed as potential buyers to confiscate the wolf. The police took the hunters for questioning, and Animals Lebanon has been caring for the wolf since then.

He has had two surgeries to clean the wounds and partially close them to help him heal.

This operation was only possible because of the cooperation of the Ministry and police.

The wolf is still on two antibiotics, pain medication, and monitored daily to make sure the wounds heal properly.

We need your help! Vet bills, medications, and daily food and care add up very quickly.

Go to to help this wolf and other endangered animals.

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